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Launch, run, and scale mentoring and development programs company-wide with a single click.

Built specifically for diversity and talent development teams, our People Success Platform helps you give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed in your organization—no matter who they are or where they are working.

Shape your strategy

Every organization’s need is different. That’s why, while your starting point may be our software, it’s our expert consultants that make the difference, helping you every step of the way in developing the right mentoring and development program for your business.

Onboard mentors and mentees with ease

Invite participants through the platform, and manage and adjust programs across your business using our automated tools.

Make the best matches

Identify and connect complementary mentors, mentees, and peers with our intelligent matching system that enables participants to find and connect with people that can best meet their needs.

Make meetings more effective

Get together in virtual rooms and manage meetings, send invites, notes, and zoom links from anywhere using our simple browser-based dashboard.

Support a structured process

Mentors and mentees can set goals, agree on actions, and update their status, all from within the platform’s mentorship dashboard.

Measure results and outcomes

Show the impact of your programs with automated reporting that effectively gauges your return on employee development.