The power of the my2be platform: Bringing mentoring and development to everyone in your organization

Today, companies like yours are shifting from policies to action as they understand the power of diverse teams. You understand that people are your competitive advantage, directly contributing to the success of your company. And that’s why you’re committed to making diversity and inclusion a core element of your company culture.

That’s where the my2be People Success Platform shines, helping you design tailored mentoring and development programs, then driving measurable results by supporting you every step of the way. When you combine my2be’s expert development consulting and the my2be People Success Platform you get a recipe for mentoring and development success.

In this article, we’ll break down the platform benefits into its component parts. 

Onboarding made easy

The my2be People Success Platform makes it easy to bring people into your mentoring program, starting with a simple onboarding flow. That starts with a basic profile, with all entries being optional so your people always have control over the information they share. Often, qualified mentors don’t want to appear to be boasting about their capabilities. 

That’s why the platform uses machine learning to identify and present suggested skills and experience that may be of value to mentees based on similar profiles. That includes a series of unintrusive suggestions for helping mentees share the skills, expertise, and experiences that might be very valuable to mentees. Over time, machine learning continues to refine suggestions. Everyone—mentors and mentees—also has the option to complete their own job description and can customize their profile to meet their individual preferences and needs. 

From there, mentors and mentees seamlessly arrive at the platform dashboard. Then mentors can easily and immediately make themselves available, and mentees can easily find the right mentor to support their aspirations.

Make the best mentor and mentee matches 

Matchmaking is where the my2be platform really shines. That’s especially true at scale because the platform—again using machine learning—recognizes the best potential mentor-mentee matches. That makes it possible to connect people with the right matches in terms of skill set, experience, and goals. And you can be certain that everyone is given an equal opportunity to develop because the platform excludes all race, gender, and location references. 

For mentees, the platform makes it easy to find a mentor with the knowledge they are seeking. Using Netflix-style intelligence, as the mentee searches for and connects with mentors the platform offers up suggestions for other potential mentors worth considering. As mentors and mentees continue to use the platform, the platform continues to add more value with highly personalized recommendations. And, of course, anyone can be both a mentor and a mentee.

Once a mentor or mentee finds a potential match, the system makes it easy to get things going with emails sent directly from the platform.

Foster powerful, personal connections

With everyone’s busy schedule, organizing meetings is never easy. That’s where the my2be platform makes things easy, suggesting meeting times that are open for both the mentor and mentee. And because everyone’s mental well being is important, the platform also lets users enter their working hours across different time zones, and block out hours as they wish. WIth the platform taking care of making schedules work, users don’t feel like they are wasting time just making arrangements.

Users have seen up to a 90 percent improvement in getting kickoff meetings scheduled between mentors and mentees using the my2be platform. Because my2be integrates with everyday tools like Google Meet and Zoom, scheduled meetings can be face to face to further drive engagement and strengthen individual connections. And with easy to use, automated meeting agendas, notes, and action items, the platform helps keep both mentor and mentee engaged and moving forward.  

Simplify relationship management 

Here, once again, the my2be platform pulls in information regarding mentor and mentee progress. By monitoring progress—meeting frequency, duration, and so on—the platform helps identify relationships that may be breaking down so actions can be taken to see if help is needed. 

The platform also makes it easy to take surveys—including regular pulse surveys—to help measure user sentiment and continuously improve development programs. That way anyone involved with development who has any issues can quickly be heard and responded to.  

Report results with confidence

When you work with my2be, the starting point is collaborating with our consultants, identifying your organization’s goals, your success metrics, and your practices. That’s why the my2be platform’s reporting component is completely flexible, enabling you to track these metrics that matter to you with ease. The platform includes a standard set of reports to get you started, each of which can be customized to fit your needs. 

With my2be you can measure user retention to demonstrate return on investment, number of employees involved in the program to illustrate engagement, and so on. Armed with these metrics, it’s possible to identify problems within the program, pinpoint successes, and understand what’s working, and what isn’t.



Diversity is your digital age superpower. Now is the time to take action to develop more engaged team members and give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed. Talk to a my2be mentoring and development expert today.