The Future of Work Episode 3 with Ian Hutchings, Founder, Vita Safety

Following a successful senior career, Ian formed Vita Safety in 2006, specialising in insurance surveys, health and safety performance improvement, risk management and auditing.

Boasting a number of key institutional memberships, Ian is able to bring his leadership and management experience to provide a highly commercial, and human, viewpoint.

We’re joined by Ian Hutchings, Owner of Vita Safety, as we dig beneath the surface of ‘the new normal’. An expert in Health & Safety, Ian explains how there is much more than a few signs and a bit of PPE needed to keep employees safe. Though news of a vaccine has been welcome relief in the last week, one pandemic could easily morph into another – mental illness. Discover how you can weave wellbeing into a wider H&S strategy, as well as absorb key learnings from around the world.

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